Looking Ahead

In last year's ‘All In’ campaign, we gave and pledged towards our vision as a church for the coming year. It is amazing what can be achieved when we unite together and all play our part.

Together, we committed £169,000 to impact lives here in Milton Keynes and across the world in Uganda and India. Your gifts are already in action transforming lives. Read on to discover our progress so far...

As a church, we are totally committed to bringing good news to the poor and practical help to those in need in other parts of the world. The heart for missions beats strongly at MKCC and for over 36 years we have reached out to others through LightForce International.

When we began Milton Keynes Christian Centre in 1979, we made a commitment to reach our city and the world. God loves His Church, and He loves the world. Milton Keynes Christian Centre has an incredible opportunity, through LightForce International, to help take the Good News to the poor and bring practical help to those in need.

Our church has been remarkable over the years in support of LightForce International through ‘All In’, and as part of this year’s campaign, we are asking you once again to stand with us as we continue to transform the lives of vulnerable children and adults in India and Uganda. This year we will continue to support the following, developing projects in India and Uganda.

Sinitta Johnston, Home of Faith in India.

£10,000 Home of Faith In India, we want to continue to provide a safe home for the children who live at Home of Faith, helping them with education and medical care.

£5,000 support for 10 tuition centres & train 10 further students We are also asking for £5,000 to support the tuition centres in India that are helping children attend pre-school and after-school sessions. This project runs in a very difficult area, where opposition against the gospel is strong.

Through LightForce International, we can help to bring a difference to children’s lives in this area. Your giving will also help to train Bible School Students who will work in the tuition centres and communities to share the Good News of Jesus. Understandably, this is a challenging project. It’s dangerous for those participating, so we are asking that as well as giving to this project, you would support in prayer.

Update from George Ridley, Uganda

In Uganda, things are moving well. In fact, every time I visit Uganda we have opportunities provided to us that are amazing. God is opening doors.

George Ridley

£5,000 support for medical outreach “The clinic is making a valuable contribution to the local community community and our school. To help maintain the clinic, run the pharmacy, and support our staff, we are asking for £5,000.

£10,000 for well and new kitchen for children's home Our home for vulnerable children has been open for over 12 months. The home provides a safe environment for 10 children. They are looked after by our caring staff and attend our school. This year, we are asking for £10,000 to drill a well for the children’s home and provide them with a new kitchen – at the minute, the home has an old mud block kitchen, and we feel now is the time to change it.

£20,000 for school dormitories to house 80 children In February this year, we opened a brand new Vocational Training School. We are gearing up for a big year next year - expecting students, planning to start the farm with livestock and hoping to continue with growing crops. We are looking for £20,000 to build dormitories to house the students who will be living onsite with us while training.

£10,000 for new school kitchen Last, our school is expanding. We have a nursery, primary school, and we have the agriculture school. However, the kitchen is made with tin sheet. We need to renovate the kitchen so we are fully equipped to cook food for the 100’s of people who are going to eat there each day.

Once again, we ask you to stand with us – the harvest is plentiful, the labourers are few and the need too great.

George Ridley

You can help us, by giving towards this year’s ‘All In Missions Fund’, and help us continue to push forward the boundaries and advance the Kingdom of God in India and Uganda.

Can you help us?

As you know our vision at Milton Keynes Christian Centre is to add a second venue in Milton Keynes where we can meet together and people can be brought to Jesus. Eventually, we would like this venue to be a permanent facility which we can call our own. However, building a new facility is expensive and the lead in time to build is long.

So it is highly likely that the new venue is will start in a hired facility from week to week. We have a team of people looking at all sorts of building across Milton Keynes. Including hotels, schools, community centres, cinemas and meeting places.

We are ideally looking for a venue with a hall to seat at least 200 people and additional rooms for Discovery Kids. If you know of, live near, or work near a venue like this in Milton Keynes we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to billy@mkcc.org.uk.

Get on board

If you have made a monthly pledge or would like to start, the best ways to give is to set up a regular payment from your bank account. You can do this now by visiting our giving page and setting up a regular payment.
Alternatively, you can use the following details to set it up through your online banking.

Bank: NatWest
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Thank you so much for your faithfulness.