I Love My Church

I Love My Church - 'All In' Campaign

Milton Keynes Christian Centre

When writing to the community of believers who formed the church in Ephesus, Paul made it clear to them that they are part of something with eternal consequences. In fact he goes as far as to say that the Church was, and is, God’s plan to make His wisdom known throughout the world. It was not a secondary plan!

God’s purpose and aim for missions and the Church are now being expressed. The message of Christ is being preached to all nations and He is saving and gathering his church to the Glory of God.

God loves HIS Church and gave everything for it. There is nothing on earth more important to God than HIS Church.

Can you say you love the Church? During our series ‘I Love My Church’ we will discover the importance of the Church in God’s eternal plan, learn to treasure being a part of it and be committed to its mission in the world.